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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Realm Lovejoy (Le Fay series) Giveaway Prize!

One day I was simply browsing the blogs and websites of my favorite authors, and whaddyaknow??

Realm Lovejoy, the author of the AMAZING Le Fay series, was running this awesome giveaway which included the first two books of her series, Henge and Sword (which I've read and review, obviously) and some other goodies such as art work (designed by herself!) and other surprises. Well, when the package arrived all the way in little ol' Holland from big booming America, all I caught myself saying while I was opening and going through the box was, "ohh my gosh....omg....omggg!!!"

Anyone receiving a gift from one of their most favorite authors is just mind blowing! I felt so honored... check it out!!

Realm Lovejoy is such a promising author, and when given a chance by readers will truly make it big, thanks to her adventurous, original and absolutely enticing books. I am thrilled to have received her gifts with her signatures on them!! I think I will go and hug these gifts a little more now...!!


What do you think of the gifts?? Have you read Realm Joy's two books of the Le Fay series yet? If not, please let me convince through my reviews on Henge and Sword, the first two books of this mesmerizing series!!